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RPG Australia provides 9 plate rolling machines capable of covering a variety of thicknesses and material types with the ability to roll weldox, domex, hardox, bisalloy, aluminum, stainless steel, boiler plate and mild steel.

These specialist plate rollers can form a variety of shapes including conical section, cylinders, strakes, elliptical sections, multiple radii, spirals, flattening and rolling to templates. End setting, trimming of green, weld preps and quickie cutting as required. New CNC based Davi roller for good repeatability.


Plate Rolling Capacity


This is only an indication of capability. Please contact sales on (07) 3723 9000 with enquires, for anything outside this range.

    ·    3mm 300 Diameter x 3000 long

    ·    6mm 400 Diameter x 3000 long

    ·    12mm 500 Diameter x 3000 long

    ·    20mm 500 Diameter x 3000 long

    ·    32mm 550 Diameter x 3000 long

    ·    50mm 914 Diameter x 3000 long

    ·    100mm 914 Diameter x 1100 long

    ·    100mm 1820 Diameter x 1700 long