Commitment to Safety, Quality and the Environment


RPG Australia operates a management system that integrates health, safety and quality .  This Integrated Management System (IMS) provides important benefits to RPG such as:

     ·    Rationalisation of documented systems.

     ·    Enhanced corporate image.

     ·    Improved performance through continuous improvement of the IMS.

     ·    Improved customer satisfaction through standardisation of our processes.

     ·    Reduction of complexity by minimisation of system documentation and

          ease of maintenance.


Our commitment to Quality as it stands within the IMS is realised by briefly examining the standards as they apply to our business.


RPG’s Quality Management System is an integral element of our business. We are certified to AS/NZS ISO9001:2015 and this forms the framework to drive the management of our core processes and the enhancement of quality assurance across our business processes.  We set measurable objectives and targets and, along with a robust corrective and preventive action methodology,  we aim to ensure that outcomes benefit our customers.